Alternate shot golf game

Type: Team game
Players per team: 2-8
Scoring options: Stroke play, Stableford
Handicap options: Gross, Net, Compare with lowest

The rules

The game is played in teams. Only one ball is used per team and teammates alternate hitting the ball until the ball is holed. The team's score is the total number of strokes taken.


Player A and Player B are on a team. Player A starts by taking the tee shot on the first hole and hits their drive into the fairway. Player B then takes the next shot from where Player A's drive landed and hits the approach shot onto the green. Player A then makes the putt for birdie and team records a 3 on hole 1. Since player A made the last shot (putt) on hole 1, Player B makes the tee shot on hole 2. This continues until the round is finished.


To determine which player tees of on the second hole, you can either play continue alternating from the last player to make a shot on the previous hole, or you can alternate based on who teed off on the previous hole.