What is a press?

A press is simply a way of starting a new game or bet mid round. It is most commonly used when a person or team is losing the original game as a way to keep the remaining holes interesting. For example, let's say that Player A is playing a Matchplay game against Player B. After 7 holes, Player A is down by 4. At this point Player A may elect to Press, meaning they want to start a new Matchplay game starting on hole 8 while keeping the original Matchplay game running.

When can a press be used?

Presses can be used at any time as long as all players in the game agree. You can add a press to almost any game type in the app, and you can even add a press to a press! There's no limit on the number of presses you can add.

How to add a press in Squabbit

1. Tap on the game chip in the scorecard that you want to press to make sure it's selected and visible on the scorecard. 2. Tap the info icon on the chip to open the game menu. 3. Tap "Press". 4. Select the hole number you want to start the press on.

Presses in Nassau

If you're playing Nassau and want to add a press, you can decide if you want the press to be for the Front/Back/Overall. To do this tap on the press chip (Nassau 2 P3 in the video above) and change the points accordingly. For example if you only want the press to count on the front 9, change the back 9 and overall points to 0.